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Find helpful online calculators and tools related to your personal finances. For any tax and accounting related questions, our experts would be glad to help. 

Payroll Calculators
Salary Paycheck Calculator
Gross Pay Calculator
401(k) Planner
403(b) Planner
Employee Stock Option Calculator

Calculators and Worksheets to Evaluate Your Finances
401(k) and IRA Required Minimum Distribution Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator
Social Security Retirement Estimator
Worksheet for Determining Your Net Worth
Worksheet for Tracking Your Income and Expenses

US Helpful Links to Tax and Financial Resources

The following is a list of websites which may be useful to you. The listing of these sites does not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of updates of the information contained therein. Bazar McBean LLP does neither endorse these sites nor verifies the sources of their information. Caution should be used when basing conclusions on these sites, particularly those that are not sponsored by the US government. 

General Tax
International Tax
Internal Revenue Service
US Department of Treasury
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
US Government
Library of Congress
Federation of Tax Administrators
Contact IRS Internationally
Where is My Federal Refund
How to Make an Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

Social Security Totalization Information and Income Tax Treaties
US Social Security Administration
Internal Revenue Service International

Per Diem Amounts
US General Service Administration
US State Department

Foreign Exchanges
Weekly Foreign Exchange Rates
Monthly Foreign Exchange Rates
Annual Foreign Exchange Rates
General Currency Converter
Historical Exchange Rates

Immigration Information and Forms
US State Department Visa Services

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